Classifieds - How to publish

How To #1: Author Get a Login Account

How To #2: Create and Publishe New Classified Ad

Step Role Action Result
1 Classified Author Login and create classified  
2 Classified Author Fill in [Workflow Fields] (field group visible only to author/editor)
 - Effective-Cancel Dates
 - Make a donation (Y/N)?
- New classified tag (if desired tag does not exist, request it here and Classifieds Editor will consider it)
- Donation Instructions (computed field)
- Author's Comments to Editor
- Editor's Comments to Author
3 Classified Author Fill in content fields:
 - Title
 - Contact info
 - Classifieds Tags
- Body
 - etc.
4 Classified Author Save Classified 1. If donation planed, the Donation Instructions (computed field) will instruct the author to copy/paste the URL and follow link to Classified Donation page.
2. Also, system will send email noticed to author and Classifieds Editor.
3. Classified will be UNPUBLISHED; awaiting Classified's Editors Review
5 Classified Author Copy/paste URL and click on donate button Will take them to Paypal page for Classified Donation
6 Classified Author Fill donation amount and paste URL into field for page being sponsored. Complete donation. 1. System will take author back to
2. Paypal will send email to Classified Author and to PTO Treasurer about donation
7 PTO Treasurer  Will forward Paypal payment notification to Classified Editor  
8 Classified Editor Will either follow link in email to specific classified, or will go to Editors view that shows unpublished classifieds and then click on specific classified  
9 Classified Editor Review classified. If any concerns, list them in "Editors Comments to Author" field, and can optionally email Author. Iterate until content is approved. Each time classified is saved, Author will receive email notification of update.
10 Classified Editor Mark Classified as Published and Save 1. Author will receive email notification of update
2. Classified will now appear in views during the Effective-Cancel dates period of time.

How To #3: Author manage their own classifieds


How To #4: Author resubmit previous classified