Halloween Hoot

Event Date: 

Tue 10/31/17 8:45am




Our music teacher, Ms. Rapa, is continuing our tradition of celebrating Halloween with our “Halloween Hoot” sing-along led by our fifth graders.  It will be held at 8:45 a.m. on Tuesday, October 31st in the Ward Gym, and you are invited to join us.  We are asking all visitors to sign in at the main office and wear a visitor tag.

Please adhere to these Halloween guidelines:

  • Classroom teachers must know where each student is at all times.  Please do not remove children from their class for photos or to help with costumes.


  • Students must carry their costumes to school.
  • Students should be able to put their costumes on over their clothes for the sing-along.Keep costumes simple so children can dress themselves in their classroom.
  • Do not bring colored hair spray to school.
  • All costumes should be kid friendly; young children are easily frightened.
  • All costumes should be school appropriate; children should NOT wear make-up or masks nor should they carry items that may be considered weapons.


  • Parents may wear costumes but may NOT wear masks.We need to know who you are!

Thank you for your cooperation in making this a safe celebration.