Online Winter Auction

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Sun 01/21/18 (All day) to Wed 01/24/18 (All day)



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Online Winter Auction
Sunday, January 21st - Thursday, January 24th
Below are the rules around our Winter Auction.  It is a small auction based mostly on camp opportunities along with a few other fun events such as Celtics Tickets, the Directory front/back covers and Beaver Summer Pool.
We will kick off the auction on Sunday January 21st with an email listing out the auction items.  In order to bid, you can email us back at with the Auction #, Name of Item and Bid Amount.    Feel free to bid on multiple items at once.  If multiple people bid the same amount, it will be based on the first person who responds.
We will send out an email with the current bids at 10pm nightly (Monday, Tuesday, Weds).  The Auction will end on Thursday Jan. 24th at 8pm.  We will contact the winner by Friday January 25th. 
We are going to ask for all payments be done by check (or add a 5% fee if done by credit card) and need to be received by the end of January.   
Any questions, feel free to reach out to us (Diana, Lisa and Gabriella) at