Moms' Night Out

Event Date: 

Thu 01/25/18 6:30pm




Paint Bar in Newton (823 Washington St., Newtonville)
Moms' Night Out
You survived the crazy, busy and fabulous holidays and now you have so much time and nothing to do.  Don't fret, the PTO is here for you, Mom!  20 moms are feeling the same way and decided what they really need is a night out at the Paint Bar.  It sounds great, doesn't it?  Join us!
Show off your artistic or not so artistic skills, and have fun with us on January 25th at 6:30pm at the Paint Bar in Newton (823 Washington St., Newtonville). 
Sign up now, and don't forget to put "Ward School" in the section of ""With whom would you like be seated".  We will paint, have some wine, and have some fun!  

Don't miss a night where you get to go out and have fun AND get credit for giving back to the school.  In my mind, it is a win-win.  Sign up today!