Newsletters - How to publish

This year, content will be mostly published on this website first, then copied/pasted as blocks of content into the Constant Contact newsletter being published.

Here are the basic steps:

Step Description / Explanation
1. Create content on this website
  1. Create "major" articles from Principal, PTO Co-Presidents, etc. Use appropriate tags for the "kinds" of news articles. If you need a tag that's missing, update/manage the tag list.
  2. Check the calendar to ensure all upcoming events are published. If needed, create new events.
  3. Publish articles for School News and Newton News
  4. Create all classifieds postings
2. Create/moderate classifieds  
3. Create a newsletter in Constant Contact  
4. Copy/paste content from this site into the newsletter
  1. Copy Upcoming events block from homepage to calendar section of newsletter
  2. Copy "major" articles into their respective blocks in the newsletter
  3. Copy active School News into respective block in newsletter
5. Publish the newsletter