Website - How it was developed

Below is a description of the key building blocks that have been assembled to make this site. Along the way, you'll find links to related pages with instructions on how to use the functionality that has been implemented.

Drupal Core

comes with a bunch of modules that provide basic functionality to the site. If you have Site Admin privileges, you can see them  the modules page.

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Additional Modules that have been added

  • Views
  • Calendar
  • Panels
  • LoginToboggan - improved user login features
  • Redirect - when the path of a page changes (e.g., because the title changed), the old URL alias is deleted and replaced by the new, but the old URL alias gets captured as a new URL redirect
  • Administration Views - administrative ability to view all content
  • Views Bulk Operations - required by Admin Views

Modules still to be implemented

Panel Pages

The following have been created (or need to be)

  • FrontPanel - created to include
  • NewsPanel - Charles to create?
  • ClassifiedPanel - Charles?


some came with core/other modules, some were created from scratch

  • Forward/This Week at Ward view - done?
  • Non-Forward/This Week at Ward View - done?
  • Classifieds - Charles?
    • All effective view/block
    • My classifieds (authored by logged in user)
  • xx


  • Block shown on news pages/views that lists all tags used, with use count next to each tag

Other To Dos

A catch-bucket that may result in additional panel pages, views, modules installed, etc.

  • Install module that creates redirect URL when node URL changes due to date/title change
  • Enhance user profile page with name (maybe, although we're now using full name as login), comments, etc.
    • Include view tab with list of pages (nodes), created/owned by this user - perhaps even be able to filter this by node type
    • Include a view tab of comments left?
  • Events should have URL: news/yyyy-mm-dd/title - may require Computed Field module to create event_date_ISO field computed field, which is then used for URL pattern
  • Default text format should be Full HTML instead of Filtered HTML - DONE
  • Make it so that an Event can be dual-purposed as a news article
    • Event shows up on calendar using event title and event date
    • Event shows up on News streams using article title and created date
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