What's New at After-School

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What's New at After-School

Happy New Year!  We hope that 2013 is a happy, healthy and prosperous year for everyone.  We'll have a busy year here:   we begin our Skiing and Snowboarding at Nashoba Valley; our rehearsals for Sinbad are underway; and our Kindergartners will be learning all about Mexico. We also welcome a new teacher to our program, Lisa Rideout.  Her name may be familiar to some of you as she is a classroom aide in Mr. Hammer's 3rd grade class.  We are happy to have her on board with us in the later afternoons, and grateful to the 3rd graders who are "showing her the ropes" here at After-School.

Don't forget you can always see what we're up to here at After-School by visiting our website,www.wardafterschool.com.

Donna Marohn