Security System Pilot - This Thursday



Dear Ward Community, 


Beginning this Thursday, June 6, Ward School will be piloting a new security system.

Until now, the front door has been unlocked. Beginning Thursday, all doors will be locked at 8:45 AM. You will need to ring the doorbell, be identified, and be buzzed in to enter the building during the day. You may be asked to present identification. You must then sign in at the office and wear a visitor badge. 

Please realize that our office staff consists of one person, Ms. Tempesta, and her responsibilities sometimes require her to be out of the office. You may need to wait for a response.

If you need to pick up your child during the school day, please send a note to the office in the morning indicating the time of the dismissal. This will facilitate the process.

After 3:30 you can be buzzed in to the after school program via the green parking lot door to pick up your child. Donna Marohn will be communicating details to parents of students in the Ward After-School Program.

I want to emphasize: 

  • Parents will be asked to wait outdoors for students at dismissal. Please do not enter the building while students are being dismissed.
  • If you drop off your child after 8:45 AM, please wait until s/he is buzzed in. Teachers will be reviewing this process with all students.

Kindergartners will be dismissed outdoors at the end of the school day - 3:00 PM on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and 12:30 on Tuesdays. Students will wait with their teacher at the flagpole in front of the school.

For 12:30 dismissals on Mondays & Wednesdays for B groups and Thursdays & Fridays for A groups, students will need to be picked up in their classrooms.  Please leave yourself enough time to be buzzed in shortly before 12:30.

We ask for your cooperation as we work with this new system. 



Audrey Parad Peller


John Ward Elementary School

10 Dolphin Road

Newton Centre, MA 02459

(617) 559-6450