Creative Arts and Sciences Committee Wrap Up

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Creative Arts and Sciences Committee Wrap Up 
The Creative Arts and Sciences Committee sponsors AMAZING programming in every Ward School classroom throughout the year.  The programs support Art, English, History, Social Sciences, Music, Physical Education and Sciences curricula and are selected with input from the teachers in order to best enhance what they are teaching.  
This year the CASC brought many exciting programs to Ward School.  Three of the highlights that were enjoyed by the entire Ward student body were: 
  • Meg Tabackso of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority taught students lots of interesting facts about our water supply
  • The lively and talented Opera to Go introduced the art and fun of Opera.
  • Muralist David Fichter was Ward's very own artist in residence.   He worked with the students throughout the year to create a fantastic mural for the entire community to enjoy.  Please take a look or come to the dedication on 6/12 at 6:45.  This program was funded by a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.
The following programs were also presented by grade level, the brief descriptions do not do them justice as these programs are captivating and enriching: 
  • Miko Imai - beloved author and illustrator shared her stories that touch on her Japanese heritage (K)
  • Honeybees and the Art of Beekeeping - the students learned about the importance of bees in our environment and about the family-like social interactions of bees (K)
  • Helen Keller - dramatic portrayal demonstrating the challenges she faced in her childhood with a goal of instilling a respect for differences (Grade 1)
  • Author and Illustrator Emilie Boon - interactive presentation that culminates in her guiding the students through creating their own accordion book.
  • Suzi Kline - through a fast paced and humorous presentation, Ms. Kline inspires students to write about events in their own lives.
  • Life in Ghana - the students were transported to experience a day in a village in Ghana and learn about the culture through music, artifacts and games (Grade 2)
  • Techsploration: Structures - students learned about building principles and solved construction problems using beams and connectors.  (Grade 3)
  • Science Discovery Museum: Physical Changes of Matter - through interactive experiments, students explored the physical properties of solids, liquids and gases (Grade 3)
  • Lyn Littlefield Hoopes - Lyn shares her poems and leads children to write their own poems inspired from nature photographs (Grade 4)
  • Science Discovery Museum: Lights and Lasers - this program compared and contrasts the properties of sunlight and laser light through interactive demonstration (Grade 4)
  • Judith Steinberg - Ward School's poet-in-residence spent 5 days with the students teaching them to read and interpret published poems and write 4 original poems that were presented to an audience.  (Grade 5)
  • Wingmasters: World of Owls - live Owl demonstration showed the students how these animals use their specialized senses to survive and thrive (Grade 5)
  • Bay Colony Educators: Life in Colonial America - looked at the child's life in 1750's America through clothing, education, chores and games of the time (Grade 5)
Many thanks to all the parent grade reps who helped all of these programs come to fruition: Vicki Spetter Goldstein, Jennifer Weber, Jodi Figler, Sepi Hedayet, Caryn Lipchin, Nancy Sharooz, and to the PTO for funding all of these enriching programs.
We are looking for a parent who will have a child in Kindergarten next year to help with these programs for that grade level.  If you are interested in helping out in any grade, please contact Jennifer Weber at Jennifer Weber at
Lori Belz and Sheryl Kalis, Co-Chairs of Creative Arts and Sciences Committee 
Understanding Our Differences Updates


Grade 4
The Learning Disabilities unit of the Understanding Our Differences program has come to a successful conclusion in the 4th grade. Students learned about various learning disabilities including how learning disabilities are often hidden and how to be a good friend to someone with learning disabilities.They were enthusiastic to meet Terry Bromfield, an educator to adult students with learning disabilities from Lasell College, who also struggled with a learning disability herself. The students asked very thoughtful questions. We would like to thank our volunteer team of Mary Lee, Venki Murthy, Jessica Gilmartin, Julia Johnston-Ketterer, Stacy Schwartz, Karla Siegel, Jade McNeil and Wendy Kritzer. We would also like to thank Ms Packard, Ms Broder, Mr MacPherson, Ms Kaplan, and Ms Goldman and our principal Ms Peller for their support. Understanding Our Differences will present several different programs next year in the 5th grade.  


Grade 3

The 3rd Grade Deafness and Hard of Hearing Unit of the Understanding Our Differences program came to a successful conclusion on Thursday, May 23rd. During this unit, students participated in a variety of activities where they received hands-on experience with fingerspelling, sign language and lipreading. They learned about sound, frequency, communication and the anatomy of the ear. Students discovered that assistive technology can enhance both communication and independence. They were enthusiastic to meet Bonnie Kaplan (and her interpreter Nicole Crossman), who answered all their thoughtful questions.  We would like to thank our volunteer team of: Fabby LaGasse, Marsha Marchant, Christine O'Neill, Mindy Peckler, Jen Rugani, and Jane Taylor.  We would also like to thank Amy Broder, Chris MacPherson, Sheila Packard, Susan Tempesta, Brad Hammer, Marjorie Turetz, and our principal Audrey Peller for their support.