From the Principal's Desk



From the Principal's Desk  

We've been busy making plans for the fall.  Ward School has been allocated fourteen classrooms for the 2013-2014 school year.  Based on current numbers, the most likely staffing for next year is:

K Jean Corbo-Hudak
K Cari MacKenzie
1 Jessica Colarusso
1 Meghan McGrath
1 Lisa Petrie
2 Lisa Fabrizio
2 Tamsen Hunter
2 Margie Turetz
3 Katherine Goldman
3 Brad Hammer
4 Jill Kaplan
4 Lauren Ludman
5 Lisa Addleman
5 Denise Costello

Next year, Ms. Goldman's third grade class will be a co-taught model.  This class will be staffed with two teachers who are certified in both elementary education and special education, as well as a full time graduate student intern or aide.   Included in the class will be a number of students who currently receive services outside of the classroom, in addition to the usual range of students that creates a balanced class.  The increased staffing will allow students to receive services within the classroom to address the goals of their Educational Plans.  Many Newton schools are adopting this model for selected grade levels depending on students' needs.  I want to emphasize that both third grades will cover the same curriculum and include students with a variety of strengths and challenges.

Words can't describe our new dolphin mural.  Walking up to the second floor feels like an undersea adventure.  We will be celebrating our mural with a brief presentation prior to the Art Show on June 12.  Meet us in the front lobby at 6:45 PM.

Progress reports will be available on Monday, June 24 through the ParentCONNECT web-based portal.

Class lists will be sent via email on August 23.  This allows us to make adjustments based on enrollment.

I look forward to seeing you at the many upcoming events that celebrate the school year.

Audrey Parad Peller
John Ward Elementary School
10 Dolphin Road
Newton Centre, MA 02459