Grade-Wide Pot Luck Dinners

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Grade-Wide Pot Luck Dinners

In the past we have had pot luck events on an ad hoc basis and people have reported that they were great ways to have a fun evening while getting to know fellow parents. For the last 2 years we decided as a PTO to help ensure that happens in each grade.


We have hosts lined up for four out of the six grades and have two dates scheduled.

  • Kindergarten host needed!
  • 1st Grade hosted by Diana and Anatoli Shabashov which will be held sometime in January
  • 2nd Grade hosted by Beth and Bill Hicks on Saturday, February 1st
  • 3rd Grade host needed!
  • 4th Grade hosted by Heather & Jeremy Pozen on Saturday, January 25th
  • 5th Grade hosted by Christine & Jim Elder, date TBD


These nights will be a great way to meet and socialize with other parents in your child's grade. The evening is for adults only and it is not a sit down meal but rather more of an informal gathering. Closer to each evening you will be receiving an email by grade with more details on your specific event, but plan on a fun night out! Please contact Beth Panella if you can host either the Kindergarten or 3rd grade pot luck.