From the Principal's Desk



From the Principal's Desk  

Despite my best efforts to cure my ailing hip, it's clear that surgery is now my best option.  It is likely that I will be scheduled mid-January; I expect to be out for a 4-6 week recovery.  Joe Russo will be appointing an interim principal to cover my absence.


Within the next few weeks, Mrs. Colarusso will begin her maternity leave.  She plans to be out for twelve weeks.  During her absence, Ms. Abbey Patteson will be teaching Mrs. Colarusso's class.  Currently, Ms. Patteson is an assistant in Mrs. Hingston's class.  Ms. Patteson has been a special education assistant teacher in our building this year.  Her previous experience includes teaching preschoolers and working in a therapeutic setting.  Ms. Patteson received her Masters degree in Early Education from Lesley University and her Bachelors from U. Mass Amherst.  The interview team was impressed with her interactions with students, her calm and caring nature, and her flexibility in adapting her lesson to the needs of her students. She is excited to join the first grade teaching team during this period of time.


Students in grades K, 2, and 5 will be participating in C.A.P.P. (Child Assault Prevention Program) this year.  This program seeks to prevent child abuse by training children to recognize and deal with potentially dangerous situations, and by helping parents and teachers support children in this endeavor.  Ward will be hosting a Parent Information meeting on Friday, January 3, at 8:35 AM in our cafe.  This is an opportunity to hear practical advice on keeping our children safe.



PTO meeting with superintendent, David Fleishman on Tuesday, January 14

February 5 is an early release WEDNESDAY


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