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From the Principal's Desk  

Dear Ward Parents,


It is almost spring (the snow everywhere makes that a little hard to believe) which means that the days are longer and we are all eager to get outside more. As spring approaches, so does MCAS.   In two weeks our students in the third, fourth, and fifth grades will be taking the English Language Arts test. Parents have an important role during the testing period. It is important that students are well rested, have a healthy breakfast in the morning, and come to school in a calm and confident manner. Our students have been well prepared, and if they put in their maximum effort they will do well. It is our job to instill in them the understanding that hard work and effort will pay off in the end. Math testing will take place in May, and fifth graders will also take the Science, Technology, and Engineering test in May as well. In the next year or two the MCAS test is being phased out, to be replaced with the PARCC exam, which will be used by several states and is based on the new national Common Core Educational Standards. (PARCC stand for Partnerships for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers.) Towards the end of the year our fifth graders will take part in a field test of some of the elements of the new PARCC exam.  This field test is simply to test parts of the test, and we will not receive any individual or school results.

Audrey Peller thanks you all for your warm wishes and good thoughts. Although she continues to make improvements, her recovery is still progressing more slowly than she had hoped. Her leave will be extended until she is feeling strong enough to manage the stairs at Ward and the other physical demands of her position. That means I will be here a little longer than I originally expected, but I continue to enjoy my interactions with staff, parents, and students very much.

Finally, on a less important topic, some of our students have been asking our cafeteria staff to heat up food brought from home in the Ward kitchen microwave. This is against school policy for health and safety reasons, so we won't be able to continue to provide this service.

Remember to change your clocks this weekend, and let's hope that warmer days are ahead!


Steve Griffin

Interim Principal