From the Principal's Desk



From the Principal's Desk  


Dear Ward families.

I am excited to be returning to Ward following April vacation.  Mr. Griffin has done an outstanding job running the school during my absence and has kept me informed to ease my transition back to school.  I will be working part time for a while as I continue to regain my strength and Mr. Griffin will be spending some time here during the week following April break.  I also wish to thank the amazing Ward staff for their help in making the transition period so successful.

We are just beginning to plan for the upcoming school year.  I know that you are eager to hear our thoughts as we begin the process.  While it is still early to predict fall enrollment, I want to share with you our thinking based on current information.  We anticipate the following organization next year:

Grade   anticipated number of classes
K               2
1               2
2               3
3               3
4               2
5               2 ?

I want to underscore that this configuration is subject to change as we gain more information from families.  So, if you or someone you know will not be returning or intend to register, please contact our school office immediately.  A few students can make a huge difference.  I will update you as we continue to review our plans.

Prior to April vacation, you will be receiving a letter describing the placement process that includes an optional form for you to provide input.  I want to emphasize that the process is a very thorough one involving teachers and specialists who know your child best and consisting of numerous grade level meetings.  It is not necessary to complete this form for your child to receive careful consideration concerning placement.  If you do choose to contribute information, be sure to submit the form before May 5.  In fairness to all students, information received after this date cannot be accepted as we are on a tight timeline to complete the placement process in a fair and thoughtful way.

Have a wonderful time during April vacation.  I look forward to greeting you on April 28!

Warmest wishes,

Audrey Parad Peller
John Ward Elementary School
10 Dolphin Road
Newton Centre, MA 02459