From the Principal's Desk



From the Principal's Desk    

Each spring we hold our Kindness Convention to remind students how we should treat one another.  On Tuesday we used the book The Recess Queen as an all-school read.  The theme of this book is the power of kindness and friendship.  After discussing the message of the story, each student wrote a pledge indicating how s/he would promote kindness, friendship, and safety on the playground.  These pledge sheets will be made into a book for our library for everyone to view.  Our Convention met in the gym.  The entire school gathered for a reread of the book in which all teachers participated, followed by students from each class sharing some pledges.  Mrs. Packard also shared animotos, which are short videos that were created by fifth graders, during library time.  Each animoto shared a message of kindness or safety.  These animotos are available for viewing on our library website.  This is part of our continued focus on kindness and safety.

We welcome back Mrs. Abramovitz (on Monday, 5/19) who has made an amazing recovery from her knee surgery.  The staff is grateful to Ms. Wendler for filling in during Mrs. Abramovitz's absence and for supporting our students.

Year-end Progress Reports will be available for viewing on June 18th.  


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