Creative Arts and Science

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Creative Arts and Science
Creative Arts and Science (CASC) programs are brought to the students several times each year and all of the programs are 100% funded by the Ward PTO. This year our all school concert will be Semenya McCord's Journey Into Jazz on Friday, November 7 at 9am.  

Creative Arts and Sciences Committee sponsors curricular related programming throughout the year in every classroom. The programs enhance art, English, history, social sciences, music, physical education and sciences curricula and are selected with input from the teachers to bring an exciting and different perspective on topics that are being studied in the classrooms. Some of the programs coming to Ward this year are poets Judith Steinbergh and Lyn Littlefield Hoopes, as well as authors Emilie Boone and Suzy Kline. Students will also see presentations from the Acton Discovery Museum on the Physical Changes of Matter and Lights and Lasers.