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After a fruitful summer, the garden team has been hard at work preparing for next year. All those busy tomato, pepper, basil and salad beds have been turned over to provide much needed nutrients for next year's planting. The eggplants are still producing beautiful shiny purple black vegetables much to the delight of so many kids and adults alike.

Our sustainable garlic project has entered another year. In the last two weeks every first grader received a bulb of garlic to take home that had been planted last year and harvested during the summer. 

Every kindergartener planted a clove in the garlic bed which, when harvested next year, will yield a full bulb. We had such a bumper crop this year that we anticipate being able to provide garlic to the entire first grade again next year. 

We have also planted anew some daffodil and tulip bulbs which we hope will provide some welcome colour in the early days of spring next year. 

Many thank to the wonderful volunteers who have helped on all these projects over the last few weeks and a huge thanks to Aoife O'Dwyer for her dedication and amazing work with the garden.