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The John Ward Elementary School PTO Newsletter

June 12th 2015 

Dear Ward Parents,

Welcome to the latest edition of the Ward Elementary School Newsletter ForWARD. 

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Mark Your Calendars 

  • June 16th, End of year PTO party
  • June 22nd, 5th Grade Graduation
  • June 24th, Last day of school


Shopping through Amazon for Ward

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Ward School Directory 2015/2016

To offset the cost of printing the 2015/2016 Ward School Directory, which will come out in September, we will be selling ads. If you would like to purchase an ad to promote your business to the Ward community or if you would like to help us sell advertising to local businesses, please contact Linda Gillespie ( This would be a great project for 4th or 5th graders if any would like to help solicit.


 Thank You Color Day Parents!

A vibrant team of seasoned and newer parents filled our field on Tuesday, helping the kids through the engaging activities that Ms. Belcher created and assembled. We couldn't have had such a successful and smooth Color Day without your enthusiasm. Check out the photo of our parents and teachers, standing in solidarity and in support of our amazing faculty, by clicking here.

A special thank you also to Dawn Davis and Sis Belcher for making it a very memorable day!


Garden News

With so much sun and rain of late, we have had a lot of growth in the vegetable beds. Unfortunately, this is true for weeds as well as tomatoes!

Miss Belcher has been bringing some classes out to the garden and has taught them about weeding and maintenance. However, with just a few short days left in the school calendar we are looking for people to step forward and help with maintaining the garden throughout the summer. There is very little to it as we have an irrigation system in place, but just someone to keep an eye on it every couple of days or so to make sure that each bed is getting efficiently watered, and that nothing looks awry. 

It would be great if different families would opt to being responsible for the garden for each week of the summer.

For example for week one June 29- July 5, Family A would be responsible. For the following week, week 2, Family B would be responsible. 

I realise that many people are away for the summer, I myself am away for 7 weeks, but I'm hoping that as various families are spending the odd summer week in Newton, that they can step in and check in on the garden one or two evenings in their chosen week. 

I'm hoping to set up a rota so that respective families will know what weeks they're responsible for. 

If you're interested, please email/text or call me with your chosen week and we can arrange a time to walk through the garden at your convenience.

The school garden is very much for the school community to enjoy and I hope that the fruits of all our labors, and the fun that the children had in planting and maintaining the vegetables can be experienced by you all. 

Looking forward to hearing from you,



 Mrs. Abramovitz Leaving Party Thanks!

A very big thank you to Christelle Naud Ravard and Megan Connelly for all their time and effort in organizing the going away party for Mrs. Abramovitz.


School Committee Agenda

All meetings are held on Mondays at the Education Center, 100 Walnut St., Frazier Room (#210), Newtonville, 7:00 p.m., except July 20th which is at 6pm.

June 15 Monday 7:00 p.m.

  • Fiscal & Operational Update
  • Discussion: School Committee Goals
  • End of Year Report on Systemwide Goals
  • Vote on School Committee Appointments to EDCO Discussion on School Committee Assessment Student Assignment Working Group Discussion 
June 22 Monday 7:00 p.m.
  • Discussion and Vote: School Committee Goals Discussion: Superintendent Assessment
  • Student Assignment Working Group Recommendations High School Start Time Discussion
  • Discussion: 2015-2016 Systemwide Goals
  • Facilities Update

July 20, Monday 6:00 p.m.

(Special summer meeting for unfinished business) Discussion & Vote re: Superintendent's Assessment Discussion re: Systemwide Goals 2016-2017 Discussion 2015-2016 Superintendent Goals Discussion: 2015-2016 School Committee Agenda  

Mystery Dinner!

Book your babysitter for October 17, 2015 and join one of Ward School's greatest traditions! If you are willing to host a dinner, please contact Lisa Schwarzberg at lschwarzberg@gmail.comStay tuned for more information in September!


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