From the Principal's Desk - Oct 9th, 2015




From the Principal's Desk
Dear Ward Families,
I hope you enjoyed reading about our first all school Community meeting in last week's ForWard!
Food Policy:
It is beneficial to review certain school policies as the new school year starts. Today: Newton's Food Policy, as it is practiced at Ward School to ensure a safe and healthy environment for students.
Key points:
  • We hold students accountable to the "no food sharing" guideline to avoid students sharing foods with potential allergens for others.
  • We have both  "hummus" and "nut" tables in the Café where students with these foods sit. The school nurse, Valerie Carroll, has joined me on the first days of school to reinforce these practices and to help guide students to these tables. There are typically several children at these tables so no one is isolated.
  • Teachers reinforce these guidelines in their classrooms during snack and as a pre-lunch conversation, especially in the primary grades.
Café and Ordering Lunch:
Lunch time is an important part of the day for our students. Not only do students eat so they are energized for the afternoon, they also have time to socialize at their tables with peers. Fifth graders, as older students, are tasked with exploring tabletop conversations with peers at the beginning of each month when they change seats. This allows them to have conversations tied to a prompt for a few minutes so they can get to know one another. Ask your fifth grader what the prompt was this month. Students share the ideas from these conversations back in the classroom.
If your child buys lunch, milk, or a snack, please monitor the balance of on-line account you set up with money deposited. Ms. Ingrid, our lunch manager, is restricted to the offerings she can give if there is no money on the account. We will always make sure your child has food; the selection may not be their first choice if there are no funds in the account. Please discuss with your child the types of food you approve s/he purchases as we do not monitor the selection - Ms. Ingrid makes sure students do take all that is included in the lunch purchase.
First grade families: if you heard that purchased food was late in being available - that issue has now been remedied. Students have time to eat....slower-eating students are allowed to take food out to recess, if necessary. The lunch monitors cue students to eat and before it is time to clean up so students do have time to eat. We are aware that some students spend time chatting so they are encouraged to balance eating and chatting time. 
If you have any questions at all regarding food and lunch, please contact your child's teacher or me - we are more than happy to respond.
With warm regards,