From the Principal's Desk - Oct 23rd, 2015



Dear Ward Families,
It was wonderful to see so many families walk to school on Wednesday, October 7 for International Walk to School Day. Thank you for your participation. Thank you also to the PTO leadership who spearheaded this effort. We hope you will continue to walk or bike often, even part of the way. There is nothing like a brisk walk on an autumn day!
Family and Community Meetings:
Theme: Caring for the Building
As I shared last month, we are continuing our effort to build community and engage students in thinking about the behaviors that make a good student and citizen in a kind and caring environment.
This past Monday, promptly at 8:30, students met in their Family Groups for 15 minutes. Students greeted one another by name, learned about each other's favorite outside activity, school subject, favorite animal, etc. Groups then discussed the posted school rules and generated ideas for how to care for the school building.
The 26 Families then all met in the Gymnatorium, sitting in their Family groups, for our monthly school-wide Community meeting. Two fifth graders served as 'Masters of Ceremony' leading the school in singing the Ward School Song, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and, with a round of applause, we acknowledged birthdays for the month. Fifth grade representatives from each 'odd' numbered Family shared ideas about how to care for the building: picking up trash, taking care of materials, cleaning up after oneself were some ideas mentioned. We all enjoyed this time together!
Halloween Sing-a-Long: a Ward School Tradition:
You are welcome to join us for our annual Halloween Hoot sing-along led by our fifth grade students and Ms. Rapa, music teacher. It will be held on Friday, October 30, at 9:00 in our gymnatorium for a brief sing-a-long. All students and parents are invited to wear costumes. If you cannot attend, not to worry - students enjoy this time together as a school!
Please follow the school guidelines to keep this a safe holiday for all students:
  • Keep it simple. Students should carry their costumes to school and be able to dress themselves in the classroom, not in bathrooms.
  • Costumes should be kid friendly, not frightening. No toy weapons are allowed.
  • Do not bring colored hair spray to school.
  • Children should not wear masks. We need to be able to identify all students quickly.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Recess Information:
As we all likely agree, recess is such an important part of the day as it offers students time to run around, play, socialize and, in general, take a much-needed break from the activities and thinking of the day. A few parents have wondered: can students play on the grassy field in addition to the tennis courts and mulched playground area?
Upon exploring this question, this is what I learned: due to staffing coverage constraints for lunch/recess, we have enough staff to safely supervise the tennis and playground areas. Going forward, when we have ample coverage, I will try to assign an extra person to monitor the grassy field so this can be an option on occasion. Safety is of primary concern so I want to be sure we are safely monitoring outside play areas. Please let me know if you have any questions or further wonderings.
Private School Applications:
If you are applying for private school for the 2015-16 school year, we respectfully ask that reference/transcript requests be given to Ward staff as early as possible (preferably by December 1st) so that they may be completed well ahead of application deadlines.
Thank you for Following Blue/Yellow Zone Guidelines!
On behalf of the school community, I thank all of you who continue to uphold the guidelines of the Blue/Yellow zones. The traffic flow has been much better apart from a blip here and there. We do appreciate your cooperation.
Mrs. Peller's Return:
Mrs. Peller does plan to return. As soon as I have dates for her reentry, I will share them with you. She is looking forward to being back with all of you!
Best wishes,
Eva Thompson, Interim Principal