From the Principal's Desk - Nov 20th, 2015



From the Principal's Desk
This has been my first full week back at Ward.  Thank you all for giving me such a warm welcome.  Special thanks go to Eva Thompson for being an amazing Interim Principal.  The school year got off to a smooth start thanks to her leadership and our incredible staff.  I'm thrilled to be back and am quickly catching up on all the happenings of the past months.


We are all deeply disturbed by the recent acts of terrorism.  I know that families have different views as to whether they want their child exposed to this information. Expert opinions vary as well.  In talking with our staff, we believe that this discusssion should not take place at school in the younger grades.  Teachers in grade five begin to incorporate current events into their curriclum using age appropriate information from CNN Student News.


Whether or not you choose to have discussions with your child is a family decision. Please realize that our community is divided on having such conversations with their children. Most parents of young children do not want them exposed to discussions pertaining to acts of war or terrorism.  When we overhear these discussions amongst children, teachers often find that information is misunderstood.  When this happens, teachers will do their best to clarify basic concrete information to children and inform parents of any such conversations.


On Tuesday our entire school was treated to our annual fifth grade circus.  Working in small cooperative groups, our fifth graders used skills they have developed through our physical education curriculum mixed with their creativity and talent to create their own acts.  Jugglers, acrobats, clowns, and ribbon dancers were among the acts presented.  We are grateful to Ms. Belcher for delighting our audience with another wonderful circus.


If your child is currently in grades 4 or 5 and took the PARCC exam last spring, you should be receiving scores in early December.  They will be mailed to your home from our central office.  At our next PTO meeting on December 4, I will be talking about our performance on the most recent PARCC and answering your questions about the test.


If you wish to send invitations for your child's birthday, family information is printed in the directory so that invitations can be mailed or emailed home -- birthday party invitations should not be handed out at school.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Audrey Parad Peller