From the Principal's Desk - May 6th, 2016



From the Principal's Desk
Dear Ward School Families,

It has been wonderful to become reacquainted with students, teachers, and parents these last two weeks though very unfortunate that my presence is due to Mrs. Peller's recent bout with back pain. I am sure you join me in wishing her well as she recovers. As a heads up, there will be a day or two when I will not be in due to prior commitments.
As always, we have a great team of teacher leaders who fill in when the principal is not in the building including Hannah Franklin, Sis Belcher, Meghan O'Brien, and Cynthia Silverman. Susan Tempesta, our administrative assistant extraordinaire, can direct you to the appropriate person should a need arise.

Newton Serves Came to Ward!
Beautifully tended gardens, cheery light yellow walls in the Teachers' Lunchroom and a calming blue in the Café, and much more, all thanks to Ward's Newton Serves well-coordinated efforts on Sunday. Thank you to all families and staff for the wonderful work you did in making our school look great for the spring!

Not Returning to Ward?
As the office begins to plan for next year, please let us know if your child will not be
returning to Ward School next year. At this time of the year, schools routinely monitor enrollment numbers so that our planning matches our needs. Thank you!

Watch for the next ForWard News where I will have some definitive dates for you
regarding end of the year communication (progress reports, as an example) and events.

My best to all,
Eva Thompson