From the Principal's Desk - September 16th, 2016



From the Principal's Desk
Welcome back!  It has certainly been a busy time as we begin our school year.  Our school is working with the Responsive Classroom approach as I described on Curriculum Night.  Responsive Classroom is a philosophy that brings together researched based practices for both social and academic learning.  We believe that to be successful academically and socially children need to learn and practice specific social skills.  Therefore, included in the day is a Morning Meeting in which children practice greeting one another, may share something personal (favorite activity), and practice an academic skill in an approach that is game-like and engaging. At this time of year, both teachers and students are sharing goals for the upcoming year.  Students are writing their "Hopes and Goals/Dreams" and teachers are drafting their professional and personal goals as part of their evaluation process.  Other aspects of Responsive Classroom include proactive discipline, positive teacher language, and allowing students to have structured choices in their learning.  This year we will continue to divide the students into small multi-age groups or families that meet monthly with a staff member prior to our all-school community meeting.  These are just some of the ways we are integrating Responsive Classroom practices.
Looking forward to a great year ahead,
Audrey Parad Peller