From the Principal's Desk - June 2nd, 2017



From the Principal's Desk
We hope your family will be returning next fall but, if you are planning to move out of Newton or Ward district, it is important to let our office know immediately.  Not only does this impact our plans for student placement, but you will need information from us for your next school.  Notifying us now will speed up that process. Thank you.
The following looks like our teacher assignment schedule for next year.  It is subject to change, depending on our enrollment:
K       Ms. MacKenzie
K       Ms. Corbo-Hudak
1       Ms. Petrie
1       Ms. Colarusso
1       Ms. Hingston
2       Ms. Ring
2       Ms. Fabrizio
3       Mr. Hammer
3       Ms. Kaplan
3       Ms. Beaulieu-Jones
4       Ms. Goldman
4       Ms. Ludman
4       Ms. Eisenberg (Ritchie)
5       Ms. Addleman
5       Ms. Soucy
5       Ms. Pike
We are pleased to welcome Ms. Eisenberg as a fourth grade teacher.  Ms. Eisenberg received her undergraduate and masters degrees from the University of Pennsylvania.  This year she worked as a substitute teacher at our school.  Due to her recent marriage, she will be changing her last name to Ritchie.  She is a talented teacher, and we are fortunate to have her join our fourth grade team.
Audrey Peller, Principal