From the Principle's Desk - December 15, 2017



Note from Principal: Difficult Classroom Moments
Dear Ward Families,
Last week was Inclusion in Our Schools Week.  The theme for the Ward Family Meeting was just that: Inclusion.  Students discussed what it means to be inclusive, and recorded on a slip of paper a specific way in which they could be inclusive.  The individual slips of paper were strung together into a large chain that now hangs in the main corridor.
Newton Public Schools strongly believes in inclusion.  That means that your children have the opportunity to work and play with all types of students.  Some may look or act differently from your child; however, we value each and every student, and support who they are as learners and children.
I have attached a document regarding how to talk to your child when he/she comes home after having a difficult day in the classroom. I hope you find it helpful.
Elaine Harold, Principal
Ward Elementary School
Newton, MA