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The John Ward Elementary School PTO Newsletter

January 5, 2018 

Dear Ward Parents,


Welcome to the latest edition of the Ward Elementary School Newsletter ForWARD for the 2017-2018 school year. 

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Ward School Banner
  • CAPP Parent Workshop - TBD 
  • Online Auction - January 22
  • Second Grade Parents' Potluck Dinner - January 20
  • Moms' Night Out - January 25
  • Ward School Night at Trampoline Park - January 26
  • Dads' Night Out - February 2
  • Walk to School - February 7
  • Fifth Grade Parents' Potluck Dinner - February 10
  • International Night - March 22
  • Ward Night at the Sox - June 8

Creative Arts and Sciences Committee Update
Sponsored by the Creative Arts and Sciences (CASC) program and the Ward PTO, Sheryl Faye will be coming to present Helen Keller to first graders on Friday January 12th at 9:15 am. Her program will depict a biographical sketch of Helen Keller's childhood and the challenges she faced. Props, costumes and various forms of media are used to create a memorable performance. The goal of the production is to instill in students sensitivity to and a respect for differences. 
Parents are welcome to watch the program. 
Stay tuned for upcoming CASC program offerings! For more information, please contact Robin, Sukanya, or Amy at

Ward International Night
SAVE THE DATE: Ward International Night is on March 22nd

We're calling out to all families to please consider hosting a booth representing a country - whether it's your native origin, a place you've lived in, or a part of the world that you're interested in or connected to. Your stories can provide a cultural lesson of celebrated diversity. This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to learn about countries, cultures and customs beyond their own. 

Please contact Cheryl Abramson ( or Zlatena Simeonova ( if you have any questions.  We are also looking for volunteers to help organize this truly exciting evening, so please feel free to reach us if interested. 

A country host and volunteer sign up sheet will be available soon.

Walk to School
Join us for the first Walk to School Wednesday of 2018 on Wednesday, February 7th

Moms' Night Out
You survived the crazy, busy and fabulous holidays and now you have so much time and nothing to do.  Don't fret, the PTO is here for you, Mom!  20 moms are feeling the same way and decided what they really need is a night out at the Paint Bar.  It sounds great, doesn't it?  Join us!
Show off your artistic or not so artistic skills, and have fun with us on January 25th at 6:30pm at the Paint Bar in Newton (823 Washington St., Newtonville). 
Sign up now, and don't forget to put "Ward School" in the section of ""With whom would you like be seated".  We will paint, have some wine, and have some fun!  

Don't miss a night where you get to go out and have fun AND get credit for giving back to the school.  In my mind, it is a win-win.  Sign up today!

Dads' Night Out
Dads... this is your chance! Mark your calendars for February 2nd
Come to Terry O'Reilly's in Newton Centre. Live music and Celtics on TV. PM start. 
A great chance to meet other Ward dads and have a great night out! Thanks to Dave Gillespie and Jon Ufland for organizing!

Ward Night at the Sox: Final Week of Ticket Sale
Friday, June 8th - Red Sox v. White Sox
Back by popular demand, we will be taking a group over to the game this Spring.  We only have 100 tickets, so they are first come first serve up until January 12th.  
Please put your application and check in the "Red Sox" box in the lobby.

Community News and Advertisements  
If you're looking for news about local educational and non-profit events, or services offered by local tutors, merchants, and other service providers, check out the Community Notes page maintained by the Newton PTO Council.  Click here to link to their website, which you can search by category.