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The John Ward Elementary School PTO Newsletter

January 19, 2018 

Dear Ward Parents,


Welcome to the latest edition of the Ward Elementary School Newsletter ForWARD for the 2017-2018 school year. 

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  • Second Grade Parents' Potluck Dinner - January 20
  • Online Auction - January 21 - January 26
  • Moms' Night Out - January 25
  • Ward School Night at Trampoline Park - January 26
  • Dads' Night Out - February 2
  • Walk to School - February 7
  • Fifth Grade Parents' Potluck Dinner - February 10
  • International Night - March 22
  • NewtonSERVES 2018 - April 29
  • Ward Night at the Sox - June 8 - SOLD OUT

Online Winter Auction
Sunday, January 21st - Thursday, January 26th
Below are the rules around our Winter Auction.  It is a small auction based mostly on camp opportunities along with a few other fun events such as Celtics Tickets, the Directory front/back covers and Beaver Summer Pool.
We will kick off the auction on Sunday January 21st with an email listing out the auction items.  In order to bid, you can email us back at with the Auction #, Name of Item and Bid Amount.    Feel free to bid on multiple items at once.  If multiple people bid the same amount, it will be based on the first person who responds.
We will send out an email with the current bids at 10pm nightly (Monday, Tuesday, Weds).  The Auction will end on Thursday Jan. 24th at 8pm.  We will contact the winner by Friday January 25th. 
We are going to ask for all payments be done by check (or add a 5% fee if done by credit card) and need to be received by the end of January.   
Any questions, feel free to reach out to us (Diana, Lisa and Gabriella) at

Second and Fifth Grade Wide Potluck Dinners
The 2nd grade dinner is on Saturday, January 20th and the 5th grade dinner is on Saturday, February 10th.  Invitations for both dinners have been sent.  
If you have a child in those grades and did not receive an invitation, please email Kathy Shields at and she will get you that information.

Ward International Night
You want to travel around the world, but who has time? We just happen to have the perfect solution: travel around the world at 10 Dolphin Road. Yes, that moment you have been waiting for....INTERNATIONAL NIGHT IS ALMOST HERE!  The planning is just beginning, so before you pack your bags, sign up to help out here:
Host a table for your home country, help coordinate one of our school's best nights ever, and be a key player in celebrating the great diversity we have at Ward School.  The event is March 22 from  6-8pm in our school gym, and this is one that can't be missed!

More details to is going to be...wait for it....legendary. INTERNATIONAL NIGHT 2018...AROUND THE WORLD IN ONE NIGHT.  We can't wait to have you join us!

Make Money for Ward When You Shop on Amazon
Simply bookmark this new link and click it every time you want to shop on Amazon:
Qualifying purchases made through the link above result in a payback range of 4% - 8.5% on total purchases.

But you have to click the link EACH time you go to shop as the cookie expires after 24 hours.

Moms' Night Out
You survived the crazy, busy and fabulous holidays and now you have so much time and nothing to do.  Don't fret, the PTO is here for you, Mom!  20 moms are feeling the same way and decided what they really need is a night out at the Paint Bar.  It sounds great, doesn't it?  Join us!
Show off your artistic or not so artistic skills, and have fun with us on January 25th at 6:30pm at the Paint Bar in Newton (823 Washington St., Newtonville). 
Sign up now, and don't forget to put "Ward School" in the section of ""With whom would you like be seated".  We will paint, have some wine, and have some fun!  

Don't miss a night where you get to go out and have fun AND get credit for giving back to the school.  In my mind, it is a win-win.  Sign up today!

Dads' Night Out
Dads... this is your chance! Mark your calendars for February 2nd
Come to Terry O'Reilly's in Newton Centre. Live music and Celtics on TV. PM start. 
A great chance to meet other Ward dads and have a great night out! Thanks to Dave Gillespie and Jon Ufland for organizing!

Community News and Advertisements  
If you're looking for news about local educational and non-profit events, or services offered by local tutors, merchants, and other service providers, check out the Community Notes page maintained by the Newton PTO Council.  Click here to link to their website, which you can search by category.