ForWARD - May 31st, 2019

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The John Ward Elementary School PTO Newsletter

May 31, 2019

Dear Ward Parents,


Welcome to the new edition of the Ward Elementary School Newsletter ForWARD for the 2018-2019 school year.  

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  • Last Walk and Roll to Ward of the school year - June 7
  • Spring Concert 5th grade - June 3
  • Color Day - June 4
  • End of Year Picnic - June 6
  • Spring Concert 4th grade - June 12
  • Last Day of School - June 18

Volunteers Needed for Next School Year
Have so much free time that you just don't know what to do?  Have 100 hobbies and looking for another one?  Need an outlet for all of your creative and fundraising energy? We are here to help!
We are starting our planning for next year and hope that YOU will play a role.  Please sign up for a volunteer role here and make next year a success!
Our community is as strong as those that support please be a supporter next year!
We are looking for a Co-President to work with Bill, as Gabriela is ending her 2 year role.
We are also looking for a Treasurer to take up the job, which Zlatena has performed so well for the past 2 years.
Without your support, these positions will go unfulfilled...much like our PTO funds. Don't think someone else will do it.... Don't let the PTO struggle next year, help us out and step on in!
If you have any questions, please email Gabriela at

Color Day - Volunteers Needed!
Ward Parents:
It's Color Day time again-- a celebration of sports, good natured competition and the end of school year! 
We need at least 40 moms, dad, grandparents, and others to make this fun day a success! 
This day is always eagerly anticipated by our kids and everything is organized by out fabulous PE teacher, Ms. Pargoli.
Color Day will be held on Tuesday, June 4th 8:00-12:30 ( Rain date June 11th) The only thing you need to do is show up, help supervise a station and have fun!
Please go to the following link and note your name and email address. If you have limited availability, note that in the comments so we can staff accordingly. 
All volunteers must be CORI approved before the event. If you are not sure if you have a recent CORI approval on file, check with Ms. Susan Tempesta in the front office.

Understanding Our Differences Learning Disabilities Unit
On Thursday, May 30, the Learning Disabilities unit of the UOD program was presented to the 4th grade. Students were given introductory presentations and took part in hands-on activities. A terrific guest speaker and NSHS student discussed her experience with a learning disability.

A big thanks to the parents who volunteered for this unit: Beth Hicks, Xinxin Wang, Lisa Kirby, Ting Liao, Maria Grossi, Bethany Mashini, and Bill Kenneally.

Many thanks also to the 4th grade teachers, other staff members, and Ms. Brogadir for their assistance and support.

If you are interested in volunteering for the UOD program, or would like more information, please contact Alexandra Novina:

For additional information:

End of Year Picnic is June 6th - 
A "Do Not Miss" Event!
Hello Ward Parents,
Ward's annual End of Year Picnic is coming soon!!! This is a great event on the Ward field that will bring together Knucklebones sports, music, pizza, ice cream, and a ton of fun!  

The picnic is Thursday, June 6th (rain date June 11th) and starts at 5.45pm.  

Evites will also be sent individually. 
If you have any questions please tell free to reach out to Cheryl ( or Mary Jo (

Popsicles on Color Day
Dear Parents/Guardians,
In advance of Color Day on June 4, we wish to share with you that the PTO will be distributing popsicles to the students at the end of the day. The popsicles we are planning for are Popsicle brand Firecrackers. For your convenience, we are including a link to the ingredients list online. However, be advised that companies can change recipes, resulting in inaccurate online info.
If you do not wish for your child to be given a popsicle at the end of Color Day, please communicate this information to your child's teacher and request confirmation that your message was received. Parents who wish to provide an alternative treat for their children may certainly do so, but frozen treats should be delivered, to your child only, at the time of the popsicle distribution. There is no freezer space to store alternative treats at school during the day.
Sara Wantman,
Color Day Coordinator

Walk and Roll to Ward
Don't miss it....Friday, June 7th is our last Walk and Roll to Ward Day of the school year. 
Collect your last backpack charm and connect with friends to end the week. AND- Remember to thank your crossing guards! June 3rd-7th is Crossing Guard Appreciation week and, in connection with our Walk and Roll Day, we will be recognizing Ward's two hard-working and friendly crossing guards on Friday the 7th. 
What's always most appreciated, however, are the thank yous and  high fives from the kids so please remember throughout that week!

Ward School on Twitter
Did you know that you can follow Ward School on Twitter? If you have an account or plan to make one, follow us: @ward_elementary.

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Questions?  Contact Linda Gillespie.

Community Posts

Families Organizing for Racial Justice (FORJ) 
Family End of Year Meeting: 
Show, Tell, Learn and Celebrate!
Join us to celebrate FORJ! Bring your children!
Wednesday, June 12
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Angier Elementary

Community News and Advertisements  
If you're looking for news about local educational and non-profit events, or services offered by local tutors, merchants, and other service providers, check out the Community Notes page maintained by the Newton PTO Council.  Click here to link to their website, which you can search by category.