RSVP for Naomi Singer Read-In - MARCH 7TH AT 5:45PM


Dear Parents,

The Ward Respect for Human Differences Committee is a parent-teacher committee focused on fostering tolerance and teaching respect for differences among all members of our school community.  Each year, the committee sponsors events and activities so Ward School families can work towards strengthening our core value of respect.

The Respect for Human Differences Committee encourages you and your child(ren) to attend an evening for the “Naomi Singer READ-IN” from 6:00 to 7:15 p.m. on Thursday, March 7, 2013.  The purpose of this gathering is for parents and students to come together to discuss and reflect upon our contribution to making Ward School a respectful community. 

The evening will begin with a brief welcome in the café at 6:00.  Groups will be posted so participants can proceed to the designated classroom for their particular book discussion.  From 5:45 – 6:00, you may join us for a light pizza dinner.  If you choose to do so, please pre-order your pizza here:.

In the classrooms, using delightful and poignant picture storybooks as a vehicle for sparking discussion, a facilitator will first read a selected book aloud and then lead a small group open-ended discussion about the message of the book.  Following the discussion, all participants will complete a reflective activity that will be posted and shared.

Below please find a form that lists the books that will be discussed at this event.  You’ll probably recognize some familiar titles.  Know that we’ve selected these books because of the important message each holds.  Please select your top three choices.  You’ll be placed in a small group to share and discuss one of your choices.  We encourage your family to sign up as a group.  If you select different books for children in your family, be sure that an adult accompanies each child.

This evening provides a meaningful opportunity for families to work together around issues that are central to our school.  We look forward to a thought provoking and pleasurable evening for all.

Very truly yours,
The Respect for Human Differences Committee


Effective-Cancel Dates: 

Thu 03/07/13
My First Choice BookMy Second Choice BookMy Third Choice Book
"19 Girls and Me" by Darcy Pattison. Theme: Gender Stereotyping. John Hercules Po is worried about being the only boy in his kindergarten class. See how this young boy adjusts to the situation. Recommended for K-2.
"Enemy Pie" by Derek Munson. Theme: Friendship. It was the perfect summer until Jeremy Ross moved into the house down the street and became Enemy Number One. The narrator’s dad helps his son turn a best enemy into a best friend. Recommended for K-5.
"Fishing Day" by Andrea Davis Pinkney. Theme: Race Relations. Crossing racial barriers in pre-civil rights America, a young African American girl shares family fishing secrets with a white boy. Recommended for 2-5.
"Across the Alley" by Richard Michelson. Theme: Race Relations. A Jewish boy and an African American boy develop a relationship from window to window across the alley, discovering that each has special talents to share. Recommended for 3-5
"The Island of the Skog" by Steven Kellogg. Theme: Friendship & Understanding. A group of mice, seeking a new and peaceful home, discover the meaning of friendship and understanding. Recommended for K-3.